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I really did enjoy that bike…  The bike itself and gearing ratios were perfect. I likely won’t be out in Utah for a while, and unfortunately, I broke my scapula this weekend in a bike accident so I won’t be riding for awhile either. I will certainly use your company’s services in the future. I rent a fair number of bikes and that is one of the nicest rental bikes I have used. Your staff including yourself and the folks that dropped it off were great.

I can’t tell you how many rentals I’ve been on that were super expensive, the bikes were hammered, and the guys in the shop could care less. I’ve never had an experience that was like what you guys do. Thank you so much for being so flexible. Your guys were completely awesome, definitely know what they’re talking about. I really enjoyed riding both your 650b Turners with the carbon wheels and the carbon Felts. Everything about what you said about your bikes was spot on. These bikes completely rip and are really making me rethink my setup.
Great personalized service. All around excellent experience…
I’m psyched I tried the 29er and thanks so much for recommending it. You guys really listened to me and made our experience so awesome. Everyone in the group had such a great time and the bikes were perfect. Not a single hiccup in all those days, not even so much as a flat. We all loved you guys. Yes, we’re definitely coming back and we’re definitely going to rent from Park City Bike Demos again!
Though I’m a beginner I’m glad I bucked up and spent the money on the nice bike. Yes I’m new but I still have a little bit of riding in and it was such an awesome experience and good bikes are so much better than that junky rentals I’ve been riding. I still can’t believe how much fun mountain biking is. I’m coming back in August so I’m going to call you back in two weeks, please save a Burner for me.
Michael H. Beginning Cyclist, San Diego