Stromer ST1 X E-Bike Electric Commuter Bicycle
PCBD welcomes Stromer e-bikes to Park City, Utah! Come demo one of our Stromer demo e-bikes.

We’re excited to announce we’re bringing Stromer e-bikes to Park City, Utah. Our first shipment arrived this week and they are beautiful. Designed in Switzerland with an undeniably European look, Stromer is the Mercedes of the e-bike world. Stromer founder, Thomas Binggeli, was inspired by Tesla and with their good looks and lithium-ion power boost, Tesla comparisons come naturally. Stromer’s luxury pedal-assist e-bikes have clean lines, plenty of power and thoughtful, integrated technology. If you’re a bike commuter, thinking about bike commuting or looking for a stylish, pedal-assist hybrid for errands or recreational pedaling, you need to come in and check out our new Stromer e-bikes.

If you aren’t familiar with pedal assist e-bikes, you pedal them just like a regular bicycle but the motor gives you a boost so you can ride farther and faster using less energy. Some pedal-assist bikes, including the Stromers listed here, can reach speeds of nearly 30 MPH. However, there’s no throttle and they only move if you pedal – there is no free ride. Pedal-assist bikes are great for commuting and errands; and they’re a wonderful solution for people with physical disabilities who have trouble pedaling a regular bike.

Stromer has received numerous awards for their flagship e-bike, the ST2 SS (see video, above), including a Eurobike Gold Award in 2014 and an Edison Design & Technology Award in 2016. The integrated design, battery technology and smart phone connectivity have earned it well-deserved reviews in non-endemic tech and finance publications. Here’s a short video from Stromer that shows some of the cool things their Omni smart phone app can do:

However – and continuing with the Mercedes analogy – the Stromer ST2 S’ $10,000 price tag makes it the S-Class of the e-bike world and puts it out of reach of normal folks. That’s why PCBD chose to bring in the Stromer ST1 X for our e-bike demo fleet (see video, below). The ST1 X is built on the same sleek, purpose-built aluminum chassis but trades some of the ST2’s power and features for a more reasonable $5000 price tag. If the ST1 X is still more than your budget allows, we also have the ST1, which drops smart phone connectivity to arrive at a price of just $2999. And unlike luxury cars, you don’t really sacrifice any power with the ST1 X and ST1 – the Cyro-Drive motor (located at the rear wheel hub) is capable of getting both bikes up to a very fast 28 MPH.

If that still sounds like a lot of money, think of how much you’ll save by not driving. After all, Stromer e-bikes were really designed to be car replacements, not recreational bikes. It only takes some simple math to realize how quickly you’ll see a return on your investment. The standard expense rate for driving is a little over fifty cents. Multiply that by your daily commute mileage and see how fast it adds up. If you have a 10 mile commute (20 miles round-trip, per day) and ride the Stromer an average of three days per week, you can pay for an ST1 in just two years and an ST1 X in about three-and-a-half years. And we haven’t even talked about the environmental and health benefits of commuting on a bike instead of in a car. For a real life example, check out this video comparing a regular commute in an SUV to the same commute on the Stromer ST2 S. I like that he calculates calories burned in terms of cookies earned:

Help the environment, improve your health and fitness and save money with a Stromer e-bike! We have the Stromer ST1 and ST1 X in stock and available for rent, now. As with all of our demo bikes, your demo rental fees, up to $600, can be applied towards any new or used bike purchase*. Call (855.432.BIKE), e-mail (info@parkcitybikedemos.com) or use our online booking form to reserve your Stromer demo bike, now!

Stromer ST1 X Pedal-Assist City Bike
The Stromer ST1 X pedal-assist e-bike is a great way to get around town without having to use your car. Run errands, commute or just cruise to the coffee shop on the Stromer ST1 X.

*Bike rental fees, up to $600 per bike, can be applied towards purchase of any new or used bike, for up to 6 months after rental.

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