Your Top Five Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016


Park City Bike Demos Top-Five Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016

We thought it would be interesting and fun to look back over our 2016 rental data to find out what bikes you liked best. This top five mountain bike list is based purely on the numbers. The bike with the most rental days is the number one favorite – the winner or best bike, if you will. We’ll provide some insight into why they ended up ranked the way did. But no personal opinion from anyone at PCBD played a part in creating this list. Based on the numbers, these are your top five favorite mountain bikes from the 2016 Park City Bike Demos rental fleet.

Favorite Mountain Bike Number One – Felt Decree

Felt Decree - Your Favorite Mountain Bike of 2016
Bike Number 1: Our number one favorite mountain bike demo from last year should be no surprise. The Felt Decree is one of the lightest and most versatile trail bikes in our rental fleet. With 140mm of rear-wheel travel , a 150mm RockShox Pike fork, a super-stiff all-carbon frame and 27.5 wheels, the Decree is an outstanding climber that’s playful on the trail and a great descender, to boot. It’s able to handle any trail in Park City (we know – we’ve tried) and it’s arguably the best rig to have if you want one mountain bike that can do it all.

The Felt Decree on a High Uintas Adventure Ride

We carry two versions of the Felt Decree – the bright red 27.2-pound Decree 3 and the 25.6-pound TeXtrem carbon Decree 1. The more affordable Decree 3 was PCBD customers’ actual number one favorite rental mountain bike. But the Decree 1 rental numbers put it in the top five, on its own. If you combine rental days for both models, the Decree was twice as popular as our number two favorite mountain bike.

Click on the photos below to learn more about the Felt Decree 1 and Felt Decree 3:

Felt Decree 3 Trail Bike
Learn more about the Felt Decree 3
Felt Decree 1 Trail Bike
Learn more about the Felt Decree 1

Favorite Mountain Bike Number Two – Felt Compulsion

Felt Compulsion - PCBD's Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016
Bike Number 2: The number two most popular bike with Park City Bike Demos mountain bike renters was the Felt Compulsion. Arguably the best price to performance mountain bike we carry, the Felt Compulsion 30 is a 160mm-travel aluminum enduro bike. It’s easy to misjudge the Compulsion because of its long travel and aluminum frame. But the Compulsion 30 actually weighs less than 30 pounds and, thanks to Felt’s excellent Equilink suspension system, it’s one of the best pedaling bikes we offer. That combination of performance and value make the Compulsion a no-brainer for Park City visitors who want a versatile, easy-to-ride bike that pedals well and handles any kind of terrain with confidence. Whether you’re a beginning mountain biker who wants an easy, forgiving bike; or a hard charger who wants a bike that can both climb and rip the bike park, it’s tough to beat the Compulsion on price or performance.

Click on the photo below to learn more about the Felt Compulsion:

Felt Compulsion Enduro Bike
Learn more about the Felt Compulsion

Favorite Mountain Bike Number Three – Devinci Troy

Devinci Troy - Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016
Bike Number 3: Favorite mountain bike number three is another that wins for overall versatility. We first tried the Devinci Troy at the Moab Outerbike demo event in fall, 2015. It only took a few minutes and a couple hundred yards on the trail to have us convinced. Thanks to Devinci’s excellent Split Pivot suspension system, the Troy is a great climber that feels like a lot more bike on the descents than its 140mm rear/150mm front suspension might make you think. The words “plush” and “bottomless” are overused when describing mountain bike suspension. But they definitely apply to the Troy. When customers asked Demo Center staff for a bike they could take on all-day adventure rides and to the bike park, the Devinci Troy was our go-to recommendation.

Click on the photo below to learn more about the Devinci Troy:

Devinci Troy All-Mountain Bike
Learn more about the Devinci Troy

Favorite Mountain Bike Number Four – BMC Speedfox

BMC Speedfox 29er - Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016
Bike Number 4: Like ‘em or not, you can’t argue with big wheels – they just go faster. If you’re a 29-inch wheel aficionado, the Swiss-designed BMC Speedfox is a hell of a bike and our fourth most popular rental in 2016. The Speedfox splits the difference between a trail rig and an XC bike with excellent pedaling performance and great all-mountain/trail behavior. Whether you’re doing big climbs or descending the technical bits on Wasatch Crest, the Speedfox’s relaxed trail geometry, 29er wheels and 130mm APS suspension system keep you comfortable, in control and steamrolling all obstacles that get in your way.

BMC makes three levels of Speedfox. We stock the “02” model in our demo-rental fleet. With a carbon front triangle and aluminum rear triangle, the BMC Speedfox 02 offers near-pro level weight and performance at a privateer price.

Click on the photo below to learn more about the BMC Speedfox:

BMC Speedfox 29er Trail Bike
Learn more about the BMC Speedfox

Favorite Mountain Bike Number Five – Devinci Spartan

Devinci Spartan - Favorite Mountain Bikes of 2016
Bike Number 5: The final bike in Park City Bike Demos’ top five favorite mountain bikes of 2016 is an enduro racing thoroughbred, the Devinci Spartan. Devinci Enduro Racing team pro, Damien Oton, piloted the Spartan to four top three finishes in the 2016 Enduro World Series, finishing second overall in points. Like our number three bike, the Devinci Troy, the Spartan has 27.5 wheels and Dave Weagle’s fantastic Split Pivot suspension system. Warning – the Spartan encourages reckless speed and will have you searching out the steepest, rockiest trails you can find. Most of our Spartan renters were headed to the Deer Valley bike park and it’s a perfect bike for that kind of riding. However, if it’s big mountain adventure you’re after, the Spartan is more than just a gravity machine. It climbs way better than a 165mm rear-travel bike has any right to.

Click on the photo below to learn more about the Devinci Spartan:

Devinci Spartan Enduro Bike
Learn more about the Devinci Spartan

Top Five Favorite 2016 Mountain Bikes – Conclusion

Here’s a hearty thanks to all of our customers from 2016. Thanks for letting us set show you a good time in the Park City on bicycles we believe in. We choose all of our bikes very carefully. We’re not one of those bike shops with one main brand we try to push down your throat. We want to provide multiple options and let you decide what works best for you. We put a lot of time and effort into selecting individual bikes we think have special qualities that set them apart and make them outstanding performers in their category. All five of the bikes above were hand-picked because we thought they were exceptional. We’re not at all surprised to discover they were your favorite bikes and we’re happy to discover you enjoyed them as much as we do.

We have a lot more bikes than just the five favorites listed above. Visit our Online Bike Store to learn about all of our hand-picked mountain and road bikes.

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