Temple Quarry Mountain Bike Video


Temple Quarry Mountain Bike Video
PCBD shop manager Ron Yerrick, coming in hot on the Knolly Delirium DH/freeride bike.

One of the best early season mountain bike rides in the Park City / Salt Lake area is the Temple Quarry Trail. The easily-accessed trailhead and solid climb followed by one of the rowdiest descents in the Wasatch make it a great after-work quickie if you live in the Salt Lake Valley. The Temple Quarry mountain bike video below will give you a little taste of what the ride is like, as well as a look at the Knolly Delirium DH/super-enduro bike.

The standard Temple Quarry ride is an out-and-back with roughly 1200 feet of climbing in about 6.5 miles. If you glazed over there – it’s pretty steep. The climb is burly with a lot of rocks and loose sandy dirt but you get an excellent return on your investment when you get to the top and head back down. There aren’t really any other trails in the area like Temple Quarry – especially if you like riding steep, rocky terrain. In the right conditions, Temple Quarry feels more like British Columbia than Utah. It’s also one of the only trails around Salt Lake and Park City that’s good to ride in wet weather. In fact, since it’s mostly sand and rocks, the wetter the better. And in the summer, once you get into the canyon, the big trees, creek and tall cliffs keep it relatively cool compared to the rest of the Salt Lake Valley trails.

Knolly Delirium Mini Downhill Bike
With 180mm of travel, slack, adjustable geometry and Knolly’s patented FOURby4 suspension, the Knolly Delirium is a fully capable downhill bike with enduro weight and pedaling ability.

We made this Temple Quarry mountain bike video a few weeks ago with PCBD shop manager Ron Yerrick, his girlfriend Shannon and our main bike sales dude, Paul Quigley. Shannon and Ron are both riding the Knolly Delirium, a bike we just added to our demo-rental fleet. With slack, aggressive geometry and 170mm of rear-wheel travel, it’s basically a mini-DH, a.k.a., super-enduro bike. However, it weighs just a tad over 33 pounds and pedals surprisingly well for a bike with so much travel. Deer Valley Bike Park opens in just a couple of weeks and we can’t wait to get the Delirium out on the chunkier rowdier trails there when the lifts start running. To learn more about it, please visit our Knolly Delirium page.

We hope you enjoyed the Temple Quarry mountain bike video. The mountains, trails and landscape around Park City are so beautiful and there’s no better way to share than videos. Filming our favorite spots is the best way to show off what Park City Bike Demos has to offer. It’s no accident people consider Park City one of the best cycling destinations in the world. If you’re looking for an unforgettable bike adventure, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’d love to help you plan your Park City dream trip.

Knolly Delirium Downhill / Super-Enduro Mountain Bike Action
The Knolly Delirium mountain bike in action on Salt Lake City’s Temple Quarry Trail.
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