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When it comes to Felt Bicycles, there are two camps of people. One group knows about Felt’s impressive road bike and triathlon heritage but isn’t aware they also make some of the best, most innovative mountain bikes on the market. The other group is aware of Felt mountain bikes and would love to try one but don’t know how to get their hands on a demo bike. We’re on a mission to spread the word about Felt’s Strava-Killer mountain bikes and make it possible for everyone to try them and find out how great they are.

We’ve been riding Felt mountain bikes for a few years now and we’re absolute believers. In fact, we’re such big fans we decided to build our own PCBD-spec dream bikes using Felt’s top-of-the-line FRD carbon frames as the foundation. In our opinion, Felt’s special combination of light, stiff carbon frames and efficient, refined suspension makes them the best all-around performers on the trail. Nothing else digs in and launches you up the trail quite like Felt’s full-suspension mountain bikes. To make them even more versatile and encourage reckless riding, we built our PCDB-spec Felt FRD Strava-Killer bikes a bit burlier and more downhill-friendly than Felt’s feather-weight OEM spec.

I’ve heard enough – take me to the Felt FRD Program Microsite!

PCBD-Build Felt FRD Strava-Killer Mountain Bikes
The Park City Bike Demos-spec’d Felt Decree FRD 27.5 carbon trail bike (left) and Felt Virtue FRD 29er carbon trail bike. Click on the photo to go to the Felt FRD microsite and learn more about our Felt FRD “Strava-Killer” bikes.

The feedback from Felt FRD owners and renters has been amazing – people love them! We’ve started calling our Felt FRD bikes the “Strava Killers” because they consistently deliver record-breaking Strava results. People who ride our Felt FRD program mountain bikes are consistently faster – uphill and downhill. It started with PCBD founder Andre Shoumatoff seeing an undeniable improvement in his Strava times when he switched to the Felt Virtue FRD 29er. Despite the Virtue FRD being designed for marathon trail riding, he even saw better times on technical enduro trails.

Since then, we’ve had customers switch from bikes like the Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO 29er and Pivot Mach 429 and start getting PR’s on Strava segments they’ve ridden many times before. There’s enough data that we’re confident our PCBD-Build Felt Virtue FRD and Decree FRD trail bikes will make you a faster rider.

Check out what these riders have to say about their PCBD-Build Felt FRD Strava-Killer bikes:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Felt FRD Strava-Killer Rider Testimonials

Dave Ornberg
My previous bike was a Specialized Stumpjumper EVO 29er with a nice set of wheels and a 1×11 drivetrain. My Strava Times were in the middle of the pack on climbs and the upper third on descents. I felt like I was pushing myself and my bike as hard as I could and decided it was time to step up my game. I wanted a bike that would help me with my climbing and be as good or better on the downhill. I wanted a carbon frame and wheels and I didn’t want to spend more than $7k. The PCBD-Build Felt Virtue FRD 29er answers all of my requests.

Felt Virtue FRD 29er on the Trail
Dave Ornberg riding his Felt Virture FRD 29er trail bike on Park City’s Round Valley trail system.

The Virtue FRD flies uphill and absolutely charges downhill. It is one of those bikes that the harder you push it the better it performs. At first I thought it was going to be too stiff but once I dialed in the suspension I was convinced that this bike was special. I also realized the harder you stand on it while climbing, the more firm the entire system becomes. The Virtue FRD truly takes off like a rocket when you drop the hammer.

I am seeing consistently faster Strava times in the uphill sections, which is nice. The more exciting (and surprising) improvement has been in downhill and super-technical segments. I was able to achieve my first KOMs on a few trails and am hovering around top 10 on several others. This PCBD-Build Felt Virtue FRD 29er has helped me be a faster rider and I love it.

Strava PR’s and KOM’s

Felt FRD Strava KOM by Dave Ornberg
A Strava KOM screen capture by Felt Virtue FRD owner Dave Ornberg.

Felt FRD Strava PR's by Dave Ornberg
Strava PR’s by Dave Ornberg, which he credits, at least in part, to his Felt Virtue FRD 29er trail bike.

Ben Rifkin
I spent my last three seasons on a Santa Cruz Bronson C before deciding I wanted something new. After demoing close to a dozen bikes over the summer I decided on the Felt Virtue FRD. I mostly ride in Park City, UT and wanted a bike that could do it all: forgiving geometry and travel that inspires confidence on lift-served DH laps; playful enough for pump tracks and dirt jumps at the bike park; and a light, efficient pedaler for 4-hour cross-country rides with technical climbs and descents. The Virtue FRD was the only bike that fit that bill. It has enabled my riding even more than the Bronson. On my second ride on the Virtue (and after nearly 3 weeks of not riding) I had top-10 Strava results on a climb and a descent I’d never ridden before. I can’t wait to have a full season on the bike and see what I can do!

Felt Virtue FRD 29er at Trailside Bike Park
Felt FRD mountain bike owner Ben Rifkin, on his PCBD-Build Felt Virtue FRD 29er carbon trail bike at Park City’s Trailside Bike Park.

Nordic Combined Olympic and World Champion Gold Medalist, Billy Demong
The Felt Virtue FRD 29er is a really sweet one-bike quiver. It’s isn’t as slack as my previous bike, a to-remain-nameless enduro bike, and therefore has ample climbing prowess. Yet, when turned downhill, it’s an amazingly plush and responsive ride. Once the folks at PCBD helped me tune the 150mm RockShox Pike fork and rear shock I could descend anything with speed and grace. The Reynolds BlackLabel Enduro carbon wheels give the bike a really snappy yet compliant ride. The 29-inch hoops are fast rollers and the Industry Nine hubs’ 3-degree engagement really helps when I’m hopping up techie steep pitches.

Total aside: I am loving the 29-inch ride quality and ability to roll over just about anything. Any line surgery sacrifice from going up a wheel size is lost on me!

The Virtue FRD carbon frame offers an incredible balance of weight savings and comfortable, responsive ride quality – even on really rough terrain. For the mixed riding I do here in Park City, from climbing up Pinecone to riding the lifts at Deer Valley, the Felt Virtue FRD 29er is a great all-around trail bike to have at the ready!

Park City Bike Demos Owner & Founder, Andre Shoumatoff
As the owner of Park City Bike Demos, people constantly ask me what bike I ride and what my favorite bike is. Since I discovered the Felt Virtue FRD and put together our custom build kit, that’s become one of my favorite subjects. I’ve never experienced another bike that shines so brightly on such a wide variety of terrain. I truly believe our PCBD-Build Virtue FRD 29er is the ultimate do-it-all Strava-Killer mountain bike. It’s an enduro bike for Moab, an XC race-capable trail bike and an all-mountain bike for Park City and beyond.

Felt Virtue FRD 29er on the Wasatch Crest
PCBD founder Andre Shoumatoff pedaling his Felt Virtue FRD 29er on Park City’s crown jewel trail, the Wasatch Crest.

I knew the Virtue 29er was special when it showed up a few years ago and I was able to absolutely hammer on it with Felt’s out-of-the-box build. Felt really nailed it with their Equilink suspension system. The Virtue FRD is deep and plush when you need it, but digs in and hammers when you pedal. However, I could tell that just a few tweaks would make it far more capable on gnarly downhills. That was the inspiration for our custom-spec’d all-mountain PCBD-Build bikes – the 150mm fork, wide aluminum bars and meaty 2.4 Continental Trail King front tire truly wake this bike up on technical terrain. Our all-mountain Virtue FRD 29er is a rare breed that bats out of its league and really can do it all.

One thing I noticed right away was my Strava times got faster – everywhere. Uphill and downhill, I was faster on my all-mountain Felt Virtue FRD. I had a feeling other riders would see new Strava PR’s on our FRD mountain bikes, too. But when it actually started happening I was ecstatic because I had a lot of emotional investment in our FRD program and the Strava numbers proved I’d picked a winner. The response to our PCBD-Build FRD bikes has been nothing short of amazing. The testimonials you see here, followed by screenshots of FRD owners’ Strava PR’s and KOM’s make my day.

Strava PR’s and KOM’s

Felt FRD MTB Strava PR Screen Cap by Andre Shoumatoff
A screen shot from PCBD owner Andre Shoumatoff showing 19 PR’s he got on his Felt Virtue FRD 29er.

Felt Virtue FRD Strava PR's by Andre Shoumatoff
Strava screen capture with PR’s made by PCBD founder Andre Shoumatoff on his Felt Virtue FRD 29er trail bike.


Learn More About Felt FRD Strava-Killer Mountain Bikes

Our Park City demo center is one of just a few places you can demo a Felt FRD mountain bike. And it’s the only place you can try our custom, all-mountain spec’d Strava-Killer Felt Virtue FRD 29er and Felt Decree FRD 27.5 trail bikes. If you aren’t able to visit us in Park City or you’d rather try the bikes on your home trails, we also offer mail order demo bikes. For detailed descriptions, specs, photos, geometry and anything else you might want to know about our PCBD-Build Felt FRD mountain bikes, visit our Felt FRD Program micro site or click choose a bike below to go directly to that product page.

Felt Virtue FRD 29er Carbon Strava-Killer Trail Bike

Felt Virtue FRD 29er

130mm Rear Wheel Travel
140mm or 150mm Fork
Go to Felt Virtue FRD Page

Felt Decree 27.5 Carbon Strava-Killer Trail Bike

Felt Decree FRD 27.5

140mm Rear Wheel Travel
150mm Fork
Go to Felt Decree FRD Page


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