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Make no mistake – after extensively testing and riding dozens of carbon wheels from the top wheel manufacturers in the world, we solidly believe that Black Label wheels from Reynolds Cycling are the best carbon wheels on the market. We liked them so much that we’re now an authorized Reynolds Cycling demo center with nearly 3-dozen sets and we offer Reynolds Cycling carbon wheels for rent and purchase. Demos of carbon wheels are only $14 per day as an add-on with your bike rental, or $75 per day to add to your own bike. Here’s the opportunity to find out what the fuss is all about with carbon wheels, and shoot right to the top while you’re at it.

As part of Reynolds Black Label MTN carbon wheel series, the enduro wheels are engineered to be light enough to climb well and tough enough to take the abuse of professional enduro (EWS) and even World Cup downhill racing. Renowned World Cup downhill racer Bernard Kerr won the first World Cup race of the 2016 season, took second in race two and third and fourth in the next two races on his Black Label carbon wheels. If the Reynolds carbon enduro wheels can take the kind of abuse pro riders like Bernard Kerr dish out on World Cup downhill courses, they’ll definitely handle anything you can subject them to.  If you have concerns, you can pay a small upgrade fee for the Reynolds Assurance Program and your wheels are guaranteed for life. If you buy a used set from us, it’s included.

We’ve tried a lot of carbon wheels over the years — we’ve literally ridden them all. And as a result, we’re unapologetic Reynolds carbon fanboys. Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as too stiff. While the Reynolds carbon Enduro wheels are stiffer and more efficient than aluminum, they’re not so stiff that they feel harsh or are easily redirected. We think they’ve found the perfect balance between torsional stiffness and vertical compliance. The result is the Enduro wheels hold a line through rocks and roots but are compliant enough to provide great traction and all-day comfort. That little bit of tuned vertical flex also helps make the wheels stronger and more reliable. That’s even more impressive when you consider they’re designed to handle Enduro World Series and World Cup downhill levels of abuse.

There’s also such a thing as too light. Even with carbon fiber, despite claims from some manufacturers, the wheels are noodles and are not durable, period. The ultimate carbon wheels are a compromise between nearly-indestructible strength, weight, and balancing it with a smidge of vertical compliance and wicked lateral stiffness. This is the special formula found at Reynolds and something it took them over a dozen years to perfect. Despite all the new carbon wheel models on the market, even from well known brands, this is the magic formula at Reynolds and why we so unabashedly defend these wheels.

Finally, the 2016 Reynolds Cycling Black Label Enduro wheelset comes with Industry Nine’s Torch Classic Hubs with wicked 120-pawl engagement and super durability. Reynolds seemed to pick another huge win with this component. Designed for reliability, performance and low weight, the hubs have 3° engagement for those 120 points, a large disc flange for added stiffness and braking performance, and interchangeable end caps for QR, 9mm, 15mm and 110x20mm axle compatibility. Bladed straight-pull spokes hold everything together and add to the wheels’ durability and lateral stiffness and even provide a little of aerodynamic performance.

A better wheelset is one of the most effective performance upgrades you can make for your bike. The Reynolds Enduro wheels are stronger, lighter, stiffer and more durable than most aluminum wheelsets and offer improved performance across the board. If you’re an aggressive trail, enduro or even downhill mountain bike rider who wants to really improve the way your bike handles and performs, you won’t find a better investment on your bike than Enduro wheels from Reynolds Cycling.

27.5 Weight: 3.7 pounds / 1660g (lightest configuration estimate)
29 Weight: 3.9 pounds / 1753g (lightest configuration estimate)
Sizes: 27.5 and 29 inches
Finish: Matte black carbon with yellow decals
Rim: Mountain Rim 5 (MR5) carbon fiber technology
External Width: 34mm
Internal Width: 28mm
Rim Depth: 29mm
Spokes: Straight-pull, bladed
Front Spokes: 28
Rear Spokes: 28
Hub: Reynolds Hub by Industry Nine
Brake Compatibility: Center Lock Rotor, with included adapters for 6-bolt
Axle Compatibility: Interchangable end cap system to work with all axle standards
Tubeless Ready: Yes, taped with with valve stems included

Available in 27.5 and 29-inch wheel sizes. Suitable for all riders and all sizes of 27.5 and 29er mountain bikes.


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Try one or all of our bikes and save the credit for up to 6 months.
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