Ibis Ripley LS – 2019

"Ya, it can do that".

If there is anything that everyone says about the Ibis Ripley LS, it’s that is a crusher. Like, a 20-mile day, “let's get into the unknown trails of the Uintas” all-around machine for getting deep and far.  Its 29” wheels make pedaling uphill a breeze, and the 2.6” tires maintain grip and performance on both the up and down.

The Ripley LS’s 130mm Trust Message shock that we stuck on this thing (with the 120mm Fox Float DPS on the backend) not only make the downhill fun and playful, but makes it a rocket on the uphill as well. Its WES World Championship winning V5 DW-Link suspension uses two eccentric pivots that are located internally in the frame. Not only does this make the bike look as smooth as Mt Baldy on a calm summer day, but it has technical value as well. Those two links essentially “rotate” around each other, decreasing the bob-potential on the uphill. We can happily report that even while pedaling with an open shock the bike doesn’t bounce, meaning every pedal stroke is efficient. Its similar to riding a cloud, except this cloud is rolling over the roots you pass on the uphill.

This is largely thanks to the geometry of the bike. It's rather moderate 67.5° head tube angle, 17.5” chainstay, and 73° seat tube angle make the bike just want to climb, want to truly move with every pedal stroke. This makes it incredibly confident for long rides into the deep unknown; not only is every effort counted, but the linkage and suspension will take care of you, no matter what mother nature may throw your way. It's lightweight too, with our NX build clocking in at  29lb, 6oz.

Now, you may think that this leads to it only be good on the flowy trails on the downhill, but that is simply not the case. The Ripley LS is just at home on the rooty madness that is Johns trail than on the banked berms of Spiro trail. It just feels confident and incredibly stiff. The frame is super rigid, and the short-travel is very snappy on the long berms. It just feels alive, and best of all, it just feels FUN. Don’t get me wrong, all of our bikes are fun, but this feels like a giant BMX bike more than anything. It’s poppy on small jumps, playful in any condition, and feels like piloting a rocket ship on both the uphill and downhill.

Ibis Ripley LS - The Bottom Line

The 2019 Ibis Ripley LS is a workhorse in the trail bike division, providing excellent uphill and downhill performance. Its 29inch wheels make pedaling and descending an absolute breeze. Furthermore, its DW-Link suspension makes it feel like a rocket-ship by maximizing every pedal-stroke, while still being playful and poppy while hitting side-hits on the trail. This thing is fast on both the corners and the straightaways. Frankly, the Ripley LS is just PLAIN FUN. If you are looking for a bike that you can go the distance with, while being able to still handle moderate features on the downhill, then look no further.

Specs are for the 2019 Ibis Ripley LS in the NX build.

Drivetrain: SRAM NX 1×11 with 30t chainring, 10-50 cassette and NX 1x X-SYNC crankset
Handlebar Ibis 780mm Alloy
Wheels: 29″ Ibis 935 with 148mm rear hub spacing
Tires: Maxxis 2.6″ Minion DHF on the front wheel, and Progressor on the rear wheel.
Sizes in our fleet: M, L
Finish: Hi-to Silver
Weight (actual): ~28.66 pounds / ~13.00kg
Frame: Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Fork: Trust Message 130mm fork
Rear Suspension Travel: 120mm / 4.7″
Shock: Fox Float Factory
Brakes: SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors
Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle 11-speed
Front Derailleur: None: 1×11 shifting
Seatpost: KS E30i 150mm dropper
Saddle: WTB Silverado
Headset: Cane Creek 40
Grips: LizardSkin
Your Height Recommended Frame Size
5′-5’5 SM
5’4-5’9 M
5’9-6’2 L
6’0-6’6 XL
Virtual TT 22.6 in. / 574mm 23.8 in. / 603mm 24.9 in. / 630mm 26 in. / 658mm
Seat Tube Length 22.6 in. / 368mm 23.8in. / 381mm 24.9 in. / 419mm 26 in. / 482mm
Head Tube Length 3.6 in. / 90mm 4.2 in. / 105mm 4.6 in. / 115mm 5.0 in. / 125mm
Head Angle 66.5° 66.5° 66.5° 66.5°
Seat Angle 76° 76° 76° 76°
Bottom-Bracket Height 13.2 in. / 335mm 13.2 in. / 335mm 13.2 in./ 335mm 13.2 in. / 335mm
Chainstay Length 17.01 in. / 432mm 17.01 in. / 432mm 17.01 in.  / 432mm 17.01 in. / 432mm
Stack Height 23.6 in. / 599mm 24.2 in. / 613mm 24.5 in. / 622mm 24.9 in. / 631mm
Reach Length 16.8 in. / 425mm 17.8 in. / 450mm 18.8 in. / 475mm 19.7 in. / 500mm
Standover Height 27.7 in. / 708mm 28.1 in. / 712mm 29.3 in. / 742mm 29.8 in. / 755mm
Wheelbase 45.16 in. / 1147mm 46.38 in. / 1178mm 47.52 in. / 1207mm 48.67 in. / 1236mm


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Ibis Ripley LS – 2019 Videos

Bike Magazine describes their experience with the Ibis Ripley LS during their Bible of Bike testing.Bike Magazine describes their experience with the Ibis Ripley LS during their Bible of Bike testing.

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