Road Bike Rental FAQ

Park City Bike Demos is a mobile bike rental operation that specializes in hand-picked bikes that offer exceptional performance, perfectly serviced bikes, tons of value, and a high level of customer service. Even with all of this, our prices are very reasonable for both our our road and mountain bike rental services.

The process is:

  1. Book your rental online.  We’ll ask questions about whether you want a specific bike, size, or your height so we can either guide you or you can let us know what you want.
  2. Let us know where you’d like to meet for dropoff and pickup during the checkout process, or let us know ideally before you arrive or need the bike. You can email us any time at info@parkcitybikedemos.com or call us at 855-432-BIKE.
  3. One of our techs arrives in one of our mobile bicycle shop trucks that are full mechanics stations and house everything you need.
  4. Enjoy the ride!
  5. We pick up the bike or if you like the bike.
  6. Because so many people are blown away with the quality of our bikes, we typically ship at least one bike a week. 100% of your rental can be applied towards purchase of any of our bikes, either new or used.

For our road bike rentals, we supply the bicycle only. The bike is tuned before every rental, has water bottle cages, and the batteries are fully charged if it is a Di2 electronic shifting model. You need to bring your shoes, pedals, cycling clothing, helmet, and water bottles.  Some of this, however, may be available for sale if needed.

We ask that you bring your own pedals because there are so many variations of road bike pedals. With this said, we have several sets of Shimano road pedals, but only a few, and a few spare rental bike helmets for people who have forgotten them.  If there is something you need, just let us know.

Some people bring their own saddles, particularly if they like their saddle or may be adverse to a saddle their not used to.

Yes, they’re often sold out particularly on the weekends. For that reason we recommend booking them ASAP to make sure you have a bike for your stay.  Book a rental bike.

Park City Bike Demos has the finest road bike fleet available for demo rental in Park City. For 2015 we chose to use road bikes from Felt exclusively because we are highly impressed with their quality, approach, and their carbon that is possibly the industry-leader in carbon fiber technology for road bikes. See all of our road bikes for rent.

Our Felt Z series endurance bikes are designed for grand fondos and light racing and  feature Shimano Ultregra Di2 components, and some come with disc brakes.  Our AR bikes is the latest aero technology integrated into a traditional road bike frame.

These bikes are amazing and we keep all sizes in our demo-rental inventory so you can try them.

Definitely…  The only limitation to trying several bikes or different kind of bikes is availability, particularly on busy weeks.

The road riding in Park City and the surrounding area is incredible and world class. Many riders live and train here for a reason, and it can go from mild to wild — it’s your call.  You can do everything from beautiful scenic routes in the Kamas Valley next to Park City, or ride some of the crazy mountain passes that allow the Tour of Utah to be called “the toughest stage race in America.”  That race ends each year in Park City and usually comes through town at least twice over different stages.

We have a road bike map produced by Mountain Trails Foundation that is a $5 donation to this wonderful local group. We’ll gladly give you recommendations on exactly where to go.

Yes, literally thousands.  On your average weekend there are hundreds of cyclists on the roads at any given moment and it is very much part of our culture here. Road cycling has simply exploded in popularity over the recent years for many of the great reasons we all do it, and Park City is Utah’s road cycling mecca.

Park City is completely awesome in the summer and it’s switched (largely due to cycling from both mountain and road riders) to a year round destination. The food is great, there are dozens of great bars and music venues, there are hundreds of lodging options, and activities for not just cyclists but also their families. Park City has alpine slides, fly fishing, river rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and dozens of other great activities. Within a 45 minute drive is everything from beautiful high-altitude rural lakes with cliff jumping; Sundance Resort owned by Robert Redford; and shopping outlets in Park City or downtown Salt Lake City.

The riders on our bikes varies as much as road cyclists do – it’s a huge group of people. It ranges from young enthusiasts to novices to people who have been riding for 30 years or longer. The majority of our riders are visitors to Park City but occasionally we have locals as well.

This is your call, but the specific reason we have a full lineup of Felt AR aero bikes is because this technology is so awesome and this is an excellent opportunity to try one of these bikes to see how much you like it. Many manufacturers are building aero technology into their road bikes and the Felt AR is no exception as possibly one of the fastest road bikes on the market.

Aero technology supposedly offers as much as a difference in minutes over traditional bikes over your average 25+ mile ride. In recent years Felt in particular has perfected a frame design that is both stiff and aero and not overly heavy – the difference in weight between these bikes and traditional road bikes is minimal – typically less than a 1/2 to 1 lb at most.

Aero seat posts also have a reputation for being stiff but the post from Felt is quite comfortable, very light, and designed to offer both flex and vibration isolation. You can read more about them here in this article: 6 reasons why Felt is making some of the world’s best bikes or see our page about the Felt AR.

Our traditional road bikes are Felt Z2 and Z2 disc models and they’re also excellent. They feature approximately 1″ of vertical compliance as part of the frame design, almost like a small suspension. They also have comfortable seats and a seatpost designed to flex and offer vibration reduction (this is true of the AR bikes as well). They are designed for all day riding, whereas the AR is designed to be more of a racing bike.

The difference in weight between the two bikes is only a 1/2 lb.  If you’d like to try them both, you’re welcome to provided we have availability.

Electonic shifting is one of the latest technologies in road bikes. Electronic shifting means that there are no more cables to control your shifting. There are small motors on each of the derailleurs that move the shifting precisely and effortlessly into the gears and the system is controlled by a small computer that lives under your stem. Electronic shifting is widely used by all teams on the pro racing circuits. It is very reliable and offers a level of performance that is quite substantial – if you haven’t tried it yet it’s certainly worth trying.

We use Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting exclusively. This is only one small step down from Shimano’s top-of-the-line shifting (Dura Ace) but allows us to offer this premium technology at a reasonable rental price or sale price (should you choose to buy one of our bikes).

The Felt Bicycles sizing chart is very good, and when we make recommendations about sizing for road bikes we generally adhere to it.

Yes, we typically try to do a basic or ball-park fitting for all of our road rentals. Our delivery trucks stock a full assortment of stems for adjustment of fitting.

For 2015, we have been highly impressed with the road bike lineup from Felt so we chose to use them exclusively. Many of us ride Felts for our personal bikes so we definitely know and understand these bikes.

Our bikes and all sizes are:

Yes, we sometimes do and try to turn out fleet around often so generally our bikes are new or close to it. They are always in great mechanical shape and are never beat up. Also to note, 100% of your rental can be applied towards purchase of any of our bikes, new or used. If you are interested in purchasing one of our bikes, please ask.