Try before you buy – rent an endurance road bike from Park City Bike Demos. Endurance bikes are what most pros ride for the majority of Grand Tour stage races like the Tour de France. They’re also the perfect road bike for Park City’s canyons, mountain passes and long backroads rides. Park City Bike Demos has BMC, Felt, Argon 18 and Colnago endurance road bikes for rent. If you’re visiting Park City to pedal and explore, simplify your travels by leaving your own bike at home and let us set you up with one of our carefully maintained, high-spec carbon endurance road bikes for rent. If you’re shopping for a new road bike, rent one (or more) of our demo-level endurance bikes first to make sure you get a bike that’s a perfect fit for your body and your riding style. Demoing a road bike first is the smart way to buy.

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