Try before you buy – rent a 27.5 (a.k.a. 650b) mountain bike at Park City Bike Demos. We have a wide range of 27.5” mountain bikes for rent – from aluminum XC mountain bikes to carbon enduro race bikes to full-on downhill rigs with 7-plus inches (180mm) of travel. Whether you’re coming to Park City on a mountain bike adventure or you’re a local looking to upgrade your current ride; whether you like riding lifts or pedaling all day, we’ve got a 27.5” mountain bike for rent that you’ll love. Still riding a 26-inch bike and wondering what the 27.5 hype is all about? Own a 29er and want something that handles a little quicker? The 27.5-inch wheel splits the difference between 26-inch and 29-inch wheels, offering improved traction and rolling resistance (compared to 26-inch mountain bikes) along with quicker handling in technical terrain (compared to 29er mountain bikes). You can read all the reviews and online forum posts you want but there’s nothing like hands-on experience. Come rent a 27.5 bike and find out for yourself. We carry Devinci, Felt and Knolly 27.5 mountain bikes and we’ve got all categories of demo-level 27.5” mountain bikes for rent.

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