Our Bike Shop & Demo Center


Inside the Park City Bike Demos Demo Center
Inside our bike gallery, a.k.a., the Park City Bike Demos Demo Center.


Park City Bike Demos was born in 2015 out of two delivery trucks. We provided well-maintained, high-end mountain and road bikes for rent and we did it all by delivery. However, we quickly realized we could offer cyclists a much better experience with a well-designed, easy to find, centrally-located physical location to complement our mobile bike shops.


Park City Bike Demos Launch Party
Outside the PCBD Demo Center during the official opening night party.


Demo Center Grand Opening Party
Friends of PCBD in the Demo Center during our official grand opening party.


After months of planning and work, we opened the Demo Center this summer and had a huge, rowdy launch party at the beginning of August 2016. Now we have a proper place to host visitors and showcase our bikes and products from our other partners. The Demo Center also allowed us to expand the number of brands we offer and show off all of our bikes in a much more artistic way. It’s also a far better environment for bike fitting and setup.   Now as it’s grown, it’s also basically now a bike shop as well.


Don’t Call It Just A Bike Shop

Park City Bike Demos is in the business of showing people a good time, on bikes, in Park City. The way we do that is by matching people to great bikes and providing the best possible customer service. That’s what the Demo Center is for.


Spacious & Open Bike Shop
There’s plenty of room to relax and browse the bikes in the PCBD Demo Center.


We didn’t want to look like a regular bike shop, either. The first thing you notice when you walk in the Demo Center is the clean, well-designed space, with bikes displayed almost like sculptures. It looks and feels very different from most bike shops. That’s no accident. From the beginning, we conceived of the space as being a gallery for bikes, a place where we could literally put our hand-picked, curated bikes on a pedestal. We weren’t 100% sure if it would work and there were definitely some doubters. But ultimately, the Demo Center space came out nearly exactly the way we’d pictured it. All the visual emphasis is on the bikes with plenty of room to walk around them and look at the components, suspension and frame details.


The PCBD Bike Gallery
We treat bikes like fine art in the PCBD Demo Center – when we’re not riding them, anyway.


Reynolds Cycling carbon Wheels Display
Reynolds Cycling carbon wheels on display in the Demo Center.


Superior Service

From the very start, top quality customer service has been one of Park City Bike Demos’ core values. To have great service you need to have great people and we do our best to make sure Park City Bike Demos has the friendliest, most knowledgeable and attentive staff of any shop in town. Good service isn’t always about a salesperson hovering and trying to help you, though. Good service is also knowing when to give people space so they can check things out on their own. To that end, we’ve placed information plaques with descriptions, specs and prices next to all of our bikes so you can absorb the info on your own, if you please. If and when you do have questions, we’ll be there to help


Outstanding Customer Service
Oustanding customer service is the foundation of Park City Bike Demos. We want to help you choose the best bike for you, and send you out on the best ride of your life.


In the end, our only job is to ensure you have the best bike experience you’ve ever had. Whether you’re renting a bike, shopping for a new bike or just taking a look around, we’ve got the people, time and experience to make sure you get what you need and leave happy.

Friendliest Bike Shop In Park City
Park City Bike Demos has the friendliest, most knowledgeable and most attentive staff in Park City.


Coffee, Community & Bikes On TV

The main purpose of the Demo Center was building a great space to show off our bikes. However, we also wanted to create a meeting place for cyclists – the kind of shop where you can hang out, talk about bikes, find out about trail conditions and have people listen you lie about your Strava times and bike handling skills.  It gives the Demo Center a bit of a European feel, and who doesn’t like a good boost espresso before a ride?


Espresso Is Served
Every bike shop should have good coffee. One double espresso, coming up!


Listening to your buddies lie about how fast they are doesn’t always cut it. So we also put in a big flat screen TV and subscribed to all the best cycling channels. Tour de France, Tour of Utah, the Giro, the Vuelta, Red Bull Rampage – you can watch them all in the Demo Center.


24-7 Bike Action On the Big Screen TV
Red Bull Rampage, Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, World Cup mountain biking – we’ve always got cycling going on the big flat screen in the corner.


Our Trucks

For those who might be worried the Demo Center is a threat to our trucks, don’t worry – there’s no way we’d get rid of them. The Demo Center gives us a more permanent home but the trucks, bike delivery and top quality service are still the foundation of our business. If you live in Park City you may have noticed they’ve even been given a fresh wrap with our new logo – a truck. Now that our logo is a truck, there’s no way we can abandon them, right? They’re still available for bike deliveries and events. But for people who do prefer having an actual physical location to visit, and cyclists who want to take their time and browse our bikes in person, the Demo Center makes that possible.


Mobile Bike Shop Truck
One of our delivery trucks. They’re essentially completely equipped, totally mobile bike shops.


Inside Our Mobile Bike Shop
The inside of one of the PCBD trucks – it’s literally a complete, mobile bike shop.


Mobile Bike Shop Event Support
One of our delivery trucks providing athlete and mechanical support at the Park City Point 2 Point mountain bike endurance race.


Park City Bike Demos Location

Conveniently located at 1500 Kearns Blvd, in the Prospector area of Park City, the Demo Center is centrally located and within easy pedaling distance of the Rail Trail, Park City Mountain and Deer Valley resorts, popular road cycling routes and hundreds of miles of top-notch singletrack. We’re also an easy ride from many popular hotels, restaurants and Park City’s historic Old Town shopping district. If you’re a local Park City or Salt Lake City cyclist and you haven’t been in to see the Demo Center yet, please come check it out. We’re super proud of it and we’d love to show you around. If you’re considering visiting Park City for a cycling holiday or other event, we’d love to get you set up on a great bike and help you figure out where to ride. You can check out all of our bikes on our Online Bike Store & Rental Page [link]. You can also call us toll free, at 1 (855) 432-BIKE or e-mail us at info@parkcitybikedemos.com.


The Demo Center Storefront
The PCBD storefront at 1500 Kearns Blvd in Park City.


The Demo Center From Kearns Blvd.
The PCBD Demo Center looking west from Kearns Blvd.
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