Fall Aspen Singletrack
Park City Bike Demos founder, Andre Shoumatoff, on a late fall ride in the aspens high above Park City.

It’s unseasonably warm and sunny in Park City, today. But the reality is we’re deep in the depths of a cold, snowy El Nino winter. All the trails are covered with snow and it’s going to be a couple of months before I get to rip some sweet brown pow. Luckily, I just put together a video edit that will give winter-weary mountain bikers a bit of relief. Late last November Andre and I went out for what we thought would be the last ride of the season. The air was cold and smelled of wet leaves, the trails were damp and the aspens were bare. We even saw a few light snowflakes drifting down from the gray sky.

Andre was riding the Felt Virtue, a long-travel carbon 29er and one of Park City Bike Demos’ most popular bikes, last year. It’s light, handles great and like all Felt mountain bikes, pedals really well. I had a Sony Action Cam with me and we decided a POV video would be a great way to feature some of Park City’s tighter, less-ridden trails, as well as the Felt Virtue’s singletrack prowess.

Click on the video below to ride with us:

I hope you enjoyed that little taste of alpine singletrack. Andre and I really love those old-school, rooty, twisty trails. They don’t get ridden much these days but there are a bunch of them hidden away in the mountains and canyons above Park City. If the trails in that video aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – there’s something here for everyone. We’ve got everything from lift-assisted bike park action to big mountain adventure rides to flowy beginner-friendly trails. Come visit Park City Bike Demos this summer and we’ll get you set up right. No matter what kind of riding you want to do, we’ll get you on a great mountain bike and pointed toward your new favorite trail.

I’ll go back to shoveling snow, waxing skis and daydreaming about perfect dirt, now…

The Felt Virtue 29er Trail Bike
A well-behaved, long-travel carbon 29er, the Felt Virtue is a great mountain bike, especially suited to Park City’s varied terrain and 100’s of miles of world-class singletrack.
Late November Mountain Biking
There’s nothing like deep woods singletrack as the first snowflakes of the season are falling.

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