Intense Bike Sale – Year-End Sale on Intense Mountain Bikes


Intense Mountain Bike Sale
Year-end Intense bike sale! Our whole fleet of Intense Tracer and Intense Carbine enduro demo bikes is on sale. Prices are below Intense Cycles’ new, direct-to-consumer prices.

We were really excited to add Intense Cycles to our mountain bike lineup, earlier this year. They have a long legacy of building great mountain bikes and the Intense Tracer and Intense Carbine carbon enduro rigs were a great addition to our demo fleet. The PCBD staff love the bikes and they’ve been super popular with rental customers, as well. They’re light and well-built with great geometry and a really nice plush suspension system – they’re pretty damn sexy, too. Keep reading for more on our year-end Intense bike sale and the latest news from Intense Cycles.

Intense Carbine 29er Enduro Bike
With 155mm of rear-wheel travel, 160mm up front and slack, aggressive geometry, the Intense Carbine 29er is the ultimate monster truck enduro trail bike.

Many of you probably already know that Intense Cycles recently changed their retail sales strategy, shifting from the traditional bike shop approach to a hybrid program they’re calling the Intense Rider Direct Network. You can now buy directly from Intense or through your local bike shop. As part of the new strategy, Intense also lowered their prices dramatically to compete with direct-to-consumer brands. At first we were concerned this might make it impossible for us to continue carrying Intense bikes. Luckily, that’s not the case. Intense thought their new hybrid program through well and did not forget about or ignore their dealers and demo centers. So PCBD will continue to be a proud Intense dealer with Intense mountain bikes available in our demo fleet and prices that match what you can get by buying direct. Plus – if you buy a bike from us, we’ll build it, tune it and ensure it’s completely safe and ready to rip. If you want to know more about the new Intense Rider Direct Network, you can learn all about it in this Bicycle Retailer article.

Intense Carbine 29er Sender
PCBD operations boss, Ron Yerrick, getting sendy on the Intense Carbine 29er on a secret backyard trail session.

Intense Bike Sale

On to the bike saale! As mentioned earlier, Intense has dramatically lowered all of their prices. We’ve already adjusted the prices on our current stock of Intense Carbine and Tracer enduro bikes to reflect their new, lower pricing. The new retail price for the Intense Carbine Pro, a beast of a 29er enduro bike, is $4999 – $2000 less than the original MSRP. We’ve got used Carbine Pros, in all sizes, for just $4250 – that’s $750 of savings compared to buying a new bike. Visit our Intense Carbine 29er enduro bike page.

Intense Tracer Enduro - Southern Utah
Photo-John drops into some Southern Utah slickrock chunder on the Intense Tracer 27.5 carbon enduro bike.

If it’s a 27.5 enduro bike you’re after, we have the Intense Tracer Expert. The current MSRP on that bike is $4299 ($1200 less than the original price) but we have carefully maintained demo bikes for just $3500. That’s $800 less than a new bike. Visit our Intense Tracer 27.5 enduro bike page.

As you can see, even if plan to take advantage of Intense Cycles’ new low pricing, we can still offer you a better deal. These well-cared-for Intense demo bikes won’t last long at these prices so call (855.432.BIKE), e-mail ( or send us a smoke signal if you’re interested. Extra bonus – if you rented a bike with us this season, we’re offering double rental credit through the end of year (up to $1000).

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