Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival & Knolly Demo


Knolly Bikes Demo - Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival
Paul from PCBD (right), helping out some Knolly-curious cyclists at the 2017 Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival.

A few of weeks ago we teamed up with our friends at Knolly Bikes to run a Knolly demo at the annual Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival in Southern Utah. Knolly brought their demo fleet and we brought our Knolly Warden Carbon enduro bikes and Knolly Delirium freeride/all-mountain demo bikes. We introduced lots of people to Knolly for the first time and sent a bunch of mountain bikers out to experience Knolly’s patented Fourby4 suspension system on Hurricane’s beautiful and challenging slickrock mesas. We also got to spread the word about Park City Bike Demos and Park City’s world class singletrack and road riding.

Knolly is a small, gravity-oriented mountain bike brand from Vancouver, British Columbia. They make beautiful bikes and have an avid following of trail riders, park riders and hardcore freeriders. Knolly owners demand bikes that can handle the most challenging, technical, backcountry terrain. And Knolly has done an outstanding job engineering and building bikes that do just that – they pedal great and eat up steep, tricky downhills like no other. Knolly bikes also happen to be a perfect match for the steppy, slickrock trails around Hurricane, Utah. Almost everyone at Over the Edge, Hurricane’s local bike shop, owns a Knolly. We also love their bikes and were excited to help get the word out by doing a Knolly demo. Knolly’s North Shore/Whistler roots, patented Fourby4 suspension and attention to detail make them a real standout brand in terms of bike quality and performance. They’re exactly the kind of company we like to represent – small, innovative and top quality.

Checking Out the Knolly Delirium - Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival
Our friend Todd, getting set up on one of PCBD’s Knolly Delirium all-mountain/freeride bikes.
Knolly Demo Prep - Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival
Our badass shop wrench Ron, making sure our Hurricane Festival Knolly demo fleet is in tip-top shape.

When Knolly asked us if we’d be interested in helping them run a demo booth at the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival, we jumped at the chance. Not only was it an opportunity for us to help promote a brand we believe in, it was also a chance for us to take our bike demo skills out on the road. We’ve done a lot of demo events in our own neighborhood but this was our first time taking the crew, bikes, tools, etc. to an event in another location. We introduced a lot of people to Knolly bikes and sent 60+ lucky riders out to demo them on some of the finest trails in the world. And when the festival music wasn’t up to snuff, PCBD founder Andre Shoumatoff stepped in with a funky playlist and kicked the party into overdrive.

Knolly Bikes Demo Fleet - Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival
The combined fleet of Knolly Bikes and PCBD Knolly demo bikes, at the 2017 Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival in Southern Utah.

The Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival isn’t huge – yet. But what it lacks in size it makes up for with outstanding scenery, great people and world-class riding. This year there were 500 or more enthusiastic attendees and about 25 vendors. Along with our Knolly demo booth, some of the other exhibitors showing off products and offering demos were Yeti, Giant, Scott, Ibis, EVIL, Rocky Mountain, REI and BMC. It’s not just a local event, either. The early season timing and exotic terrain attract lots of out-of-towners who want to experience the Southern Utah slickrock and test ride new bikes before the mountain bike season really gets underway. Besides locals from the Hurricane/St. George area and cyclists who traveled from Salt Lake City, Park City, etc., we also met mountain bikers from Colorado, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Arizona. There was even a big group that came all the way from Virginia. So thanks to a fun event in a great location, we got to spread the word about Knolly Bikes and Park City Bike Demos across the continent.

Knolly Delirium Loves Slickrock
Our buddy Todd, getting rowdy on some slickrock during the 2017 Hurricane Fat Tire Festival.
Gooseberry Mesa Trail Scenery - HUrricane Mountain Bike Festival
A small sample of the mountain biking and landscape around Hurricane, Utah.

The Park City Bike Demos tech crew was great. We brought six guys down from the shop, we all camped out in the desert and everyone had a good time. We didn’t really need six people for the Knolly demo but we took advantage of the festival to go on a roadtrip together and get in some early-season riding in one of our favorite places. Park City riding is awesome but it’s been a long winter and it’s going to be a while before everything here is dried out and ready to ride. Plus, Southern Utah riding is completely different than Park City’s loamy mountain trails. We’d be stupid to pass up the chance to ride some world-class slickrock while we spread the word about Park City riding and Knolly Bikes.

The PCBD Hurricane Knolly Demo Crew
The PCBD / Knolly demo crew, after all the demo bikes went out for the morning. Left to right: Trace, Paul, Pete and Ron. Thane is hiding behind Trace.

The Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival and Knolly demo was a great experience for us and we look forward to taking our show on the road again, soon. We got to promote a bike brand we believe in and we learned a whole bunch of stuff we can apply to future demo events. The bonus roadtrip and Southern Utah slickrock riding didn’t suck, either.

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