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Bike maintenance is our number one priority at Park City Bike Demos. We have awesome bikes and we take meticulous care of them. We strive to have the best-maintained rental bikes in the area – especially late in the season. If you’ve ever rented a mountain bike in late August, you know what I’m talking about – late season rental bikes are usually pretty beat.

One of the biggest concerns when you rent a bike is how well it’s been maintained. Bike maintenance can be the difference between a great ride and the worst ride you’ve ever had. Problems with brakes, suspension, grips, stems or pedals can be more than a mere annoyance – they can be a serious safety issue.  I rented a mountain bike at a big ski resort bike park once it had total throttle-grip. That’s when the grip is loose and spins around on the bar – a terrifying thing to discover when you hit a huge jump. No one who rents a bike wants something like that to happen. And when you spend money to rent a high-end bike, it should be nothing less than perfect.

Mountain Bike Linkage Installation

To be fair, maintaining a fleet of high-end rental bikes isn’t easy. There are a lot of details to keep track of, it’s a lot of work and it costs money. And it’s no secret how people treat rental gear. None of that should matter, though. When you spend your hard-earned cash to rent a high-performance bike in a dream destination like Park City, it should be the best rental experience you’ve ever had.

To make sure you have the best experience possible our master mechanics have a 21-point check list for every bike. Before you get your bike the mechanics check the chain, cables, derailleurs, tires and brakes to make sure everything is in perfect working order. They also carefully inspect the bikes for any damage or wear that might affect your ride.

If the bike isn’t in perfect working order, the mechanic sets it aside for repair or replacement and you get a different bike. When you meet the truck, the tech will get you fitted, adjusting the saddle, bars, brakes and shifters so everything fits you perfectly. If you’re renting a mountain bike, they’ll make sure the suspension is set up perfectly for your weight and style of riding. Nothing is left to chance.

Setting Up A Mountain Bike Rental

Let’s be honest, if you wanna get rich, you don’t go into the bike business. Bike shops have tight margins and one of the places they can save a few bucks is employee salaries. Most shops have one or two experienced mechanics along with a couple of minimum wage groms to handle the cash register, help customers and do “tune-ups.” When you rent a bike you might get lucky and get one that was checked by an experienced mechanic – or you might get one that was serviced by a part-time high school student. You never know.

Installing Hydraulic Brake Line

At Park City Bike Demos, all we do is rent high-performance mountain and road bikes and our bike techs are the best. Thane and Jon are both master mechanics with over ten years of hands-on experience building road and mountain bikes, maintaining high-end bikes and doing proper bike fits.

Jon opened his own shop in California and has been building “photo bikes” for magazines and catalogs for the past few years. He’s also a Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system expert.

Thane has been a professional bike mechanic since he was a teenager and has over twenty-five years of hands-on bike experience. He’s raced, coached, wrenched in shops, managed pro road racing teams and run demo tours for a couple of major bicycle manufacturers.

Thane and Jon’s only job is making sure your bike is perfect so you can have a great time riding Park City’s beautiful roads and spectacular singletrack.

Don’t take bike maintenance for granted. A poorly maintained bike could mean a terrible ride – or worse. At Park City Bike Demos, we take bike maintenance and safety seriously.

We also appreciate that your rental bikes might be an important part of your big Park City vacation. It’s our job and our mission to make sure you have a perfectly-tuned, perfectly setup bike so you can have an awesome ride in one of the best cycling destinations in North America.

Cheers, From Jon & Thane!

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