The Felt Decree Trail Bike – A Video Love Letter


Photo-John With His New Felt Decree 1

We’re thrilled to add the new Felt Decree 1 trail bike to our 2016 Park City Bike Demos rental fleet; and I’m personally excited to have one of the first Decrees as my own personal bike. I attended the official Decree launch in October and I’ve been lusting after one, ever since.
The Decree 1 is a 25.6-pound (11.6 kg), 140mm carbon fiber trail bike with adjustable geometry, flex stay suspension system and a slack 66.5 head angle – a perfect recipe for all-day, big-mountain adventure riding. I’m so excited about my new mountain bike I made a sexy video love letter to show it off. Don’t worry – it’s safe for work:

If that’s not a sexy mountain bike, I don’t know what is. It’s got great lines and Felt’s TeXtreme carbon fiber is beautiful to behold.

Jon Lawrey, Building Up The Felt Decree 1

Thanks to the Park City Bike Demos CWO (Chief Wrenching Officer), Jon Lawrey, for helping me out with the bike build time lapse. And thanks to our bike porn lensman, Don Miller, for letting me film over his shoulder for a couple of days. To drool over Don’s Decree photos, check specs, book a demo rental or buy a bike, visit our Felt Decree product page. And stay tuned for more videos. As soon as I can sneak out of the office I’m taking the Decree down to Southern Utah for some slickrock testing and to make a detailed intro video.

In the Studio With the Felt Decree[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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