Felt’s 2016 Fx Cyclocross & Gravel Grinder Bikes

We can’t wait for the 2016 Felt Cyclocross bikes — there’s been tons of chatter online about them and they look phenomenal.  The blogs and overall claims are that their Felt F1x cyclocross frame is the lightest frame on the market — something we see a lot of because of Felt’s superior carbon – a tExtreme based product which is one of the lightest, strongest, and thinnest carbons on the market.

Our orders are still being finalized but we’re expecting to have 2 to 3 of them relatively soon — likely the next few weeks at most.  If you’re interested in getting on the list, please contact us.

The ship release date has been announced as September 2 (pushed back slightly from August originally).

Here are some of the links and articles to the 2016 Cyclocross lineup, and  full details about the complete Felt 2016 Cyclocross lineup is available here (pdf).  Media articles & photos:

Here is the pic of one of our favorites, the very reasonably-priced F3x which amazingly offers Felt’s UHC Advanced tExtreme carbon layup (normally found on their “1” level bikes) and a high end Shimano Ultregra mechanical gear set and premium 3T cockpit, yet is only $3799 MSRP and will be available just in time for Cross season, right around September 2.

felt f3x cyclocross
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When studying the geometry I noticed a lot of similarities with their F series bikes which is one more reason they handle so well as the F series race bikes are world class. I’ve been oogling to get on a disc version of the F series Felt bike (see this video of why — I almost hit a car on this very descent) so I plan on ordering one of these and will be interchanging the wheelset with a road specific and for several months this bike will also double as my road bike. This said, rumor is F series Felts will be arriving hopefully as soon as next season with discs.

Here is the link to the full catalog, again..



2016 felt cyclocross
Click the image to view the entire 2016 Felt Cyclocross Catalog and Geometry (PDF File)



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