The e-bike Revolution

E-bikes are the wave of the future in the mountain biking world, due to their absolute ease of use. Want to get to the top of the steepest trails in the Wasatch? Jump on the bike, turn on the battery, and get yourself there. Just bouncing around town, but don’t want to pedal up some giant hills? Just dial in the right assistance-level, and off you go. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to try, and you still have the pedal. But for people who want that extra boost, e-bikes are game-changing. It’s that extra little bit you need in order to stay on the bike for longer in your life. And luckily, we got you covered here. PCBD carries every flavor of mountain bike, from the easy town-cruiser to the rad downhill crusher.

Felt Verza e30 – ($2,499.00) – Used Bikes Avaliable

The Felt Verza e30 is perfect for an "around town" bike, to get around Park City, the Rail Trail, or anywhere else.

The Verza e30 is your typical cruiser, getting you from point A to B in comfort and with speed. The style of the bike is that of a California beach cruiser. It’s very relaxed and incredibly comfortable to ride. Getting from downtown to Kimball, to the resorts, even to Heber, is fun, easy, and comfortable.  Rent or buy it today, for the deal of the century.  Currently in stock.

Felt Redemption e30 – ($4,499), Used Bikes Available.

The Felt Redemption e30 is the best e-mountain bike for any trail you are trying to conquer. From enduro riding to long days on the trail, this bike is the perfect partner.

The Felt Redemption e30 is our top of the line full-suspension e-mountain bike. With 150mm of front and rear suspension, you have a super efficient bike for riding the gnarliest of downhill trails. With 10 gears and the STePS pedal-assist drivetrain means you have a gear for any situation you need, and an extra kick from the battery when you need it. Try it out on your local trails, and book today with our in-stock bikes.

Felt Surplus e50 – (2019 Model – $2,499 | 2020 Model – $2,999)

The Felt Surplus e30 is our hardtail mountain for getting far into the wilderness as fast as you can. Go anywhere the trails takes you with this beast of a hardtail mountain bike.

XC riding is all the rage today, and for good reason. There is something almost romantic about taking your bike on a long trail, and getting as far as you can in a day. Well, with the Felt Surplus e50, you can get farther with less energy than you normally would. Its efficient design means that you pedal this thing fast and far, and with an extra kick when you start getting tired. Get far today, bikes are in-stock right now. 2019 models are going quick, so get on one while supplies last.

Felt Redemption e50 – ($3,499) – Used models available

The Felt Redemption e50 is an amazing machine for any trail you want to ride. Its smooth suspension is perfect for gnarly trails, and its one of the best performers when it comes to electric mountain bikes.

Almost the same as the Felt Redemption e30, the e50 offers a different rear shock for the best value of an e-mountain bike. With 150mm of front and rear suspension and a 65.25 degree head tube angle, this bike can roll over anything on the trail, from the smallest rocks to the largest drops.

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