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Our distinctive bicycle delivery trucks are custom-built, completely mobile bike centers. Since nothing existed that lived up to our standards, we built the trucks ourselves. We started with standard 16-foot aluminum step vans and decked them out with custom bike racks, interior and exterior bike shop work stands, pro-level tool boxes, retail areas, serious stereo systems, and even the occasional cold beers. The finished rigs are like a taco trucks for bikes. We’ve have two of them now, and more in the works…[/vc_column_text][cs_table striped=”1″ bordered=”1″ hover=”1″]

Function: The Park City Bike Demos trucks are full-service mobile bike shops designed to deliver high-performance rental bikes as well as provide top-notch, on location bicycle service. Whether you need a mountain bike, a road bike, a helmet, or other bike gear, just let us know and we’ll have it in the truck if its not already there.
Customer Experience: Besides the convenience a mobile bike shop provides, the Park City Bike Demos trucks also provide a unique bike rental experience. Whether you’re shopping for a new high-end road or mountain bike or you’re visiting Park City for business or pleasure, our bicycle delivery trucks make it easier and more fun for you to get out and ride.
Bike Shop Quality: We like the best-performing stuff and have put in the time to sniff that out, and we love providing that info to our customers. All of our road bikes, mountain bikes, bike components and bike gear is high-performance product. Our mechanics are the best too. When you rent a bike from us, you can be absolutely confident in the fit and that everything will work perfectly.
The Crew: Everyone involved with Park City Bike Demos has a deep passion for cycling and a long history with the bike history. We all eat, sleep and breathe bikes.
Location: Anywhere you want.

[/cs_table][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Specs: 1999 P30 Truck” tab_id=”1435682231-3-89b552-83e9f7fe-26179cdd-7cd8″][vc_column_text class=”bike-intro”]Because we know that some people like to geek out about this stuff, ourselves included…[/vc_column_text][cs_table striped=”1″ bordered=”1″ hover=”1″ responsive=”1″]

Truck Models: Navistar Workhorse P30 16 ft. (Two trucks in our fleet: 1999 and 2004)
Chassis: 1999 – Chevrolet P30; 2004 – Navistar Worhorse
Motor: 1999 – Fuel-injected 5.7-liter GM Vortec V8; 2004 – Fuel-injected 6.0-liter GM Vortec
Horsepower: 1999: 240 at 4000 rpm; 2004: 300 at 3800 rpm
Torque: 1999: 325 ft. lbs. at 2800 rpm;
Transmission: 4L80–E Hydra-matic 4-Speed overdrive with electronic control
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 16,000 lbs.
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Wheels: 6
Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes
Suspension: Leaf suspension front and rear with 32mm shocks in front and 35mm in the rear
Fuel: Gasoline – 40-gallon tank
Seating: 2 – driver + one passenger jump seat
Bike Capacity: 16 bikes
Mechanic Stands: 2
Retail Area: 3 shelves
Cold Beer Storage: Yes
Tunage: Yes

[/cs_table][/vc_tab][/vc_tabs][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][cs_space size=”72px”][cs_pricing_table][cs_pricing_column button_content=”Book a Bike Rental” button_size=”xl” title=”Rental Delivery Fee” price=”Free” currency=”$” button_link=”url:%2Fbook-bike-for-rent%2F||” button_block=”1″]Delivery is free in the Park City area[/cs_pricing_column][/cs_pricing_table][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row repeat=”no-repeat” position=”50% 0%” attachment=”fixed” padding=”lg-padding” background=”https://www.parkcitybikedemos.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/PJ-_MG_4020_2500.jpg” overlay=”1″ fluid=”1″ text_color=”#ffffff” cover=”1″ parallax=”1″][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

          Key Features

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Our custom truck lets us bring bikes right to your door. You can’t get any more convenient than that.

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Delivering hot, fresh Turner and Felt bikes, daily! There’s nothing but top-shelf rides in our rental fleet.

[/cs_iconbox][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][cs_iconbox align=”center” icon_size=”xxl” title=”Great Service” icon=”fa-gears”]

From booking rentals to getting you set up on the perfect bike, our service is the best.

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A taco truck that serves up bitchin’ bikes, great tunes, cold drinks and good times!

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Truck Anatomy

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