Interbike Entrance at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Interbike attendees entering the show in the morning.

Interbike is the largest and most important bicycle industry tradeshow in North America. All the major players are there to show off their latest products – bike manufacturers, wheel makers, clothing designers, protective gear manufacturers, etc. The show takes place every fall in Las Vegas and it’s attended by shop owners and employees from all over North America and members of the cycling press from around the world. This 2016 Interbike highlights report will show you a little slice of what the show has to offer.

Cyclists & Tents at Interbike Outdoor Demo
Cyclists hanging out and waiting in line to demo bikes at the 2016 Interbike Outdoor Demo event.

This was PCBD’s second year attending Interbike and our first year as a full-fledged bike retailer with a brick and mortar location and a full year in business under our belt. We were there to visit with our manufacturer partners, tell the industry the Park City Bike Demos story and check out new bikes and other cycling-related products we think our customers will be excited about.

Interbike 2016 Outdoor Demo Panorama
A panoramic image of the Interbike Outdoor Demo in Boulder City, Nevada.

Besides three days of indoor exhibits at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Interbike also has an Outdoor Demo at the fantastic Bootleg Canyon bike park about half an hour south of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, PCBD boss man Andre broke his collarbone right before the show so he couldn’t attend the Outdoor Demo. However, Photo-John was there and he was able to ride a couple of new mountain bikes including Devinci’s new Django 29er. It’s a 120mm rear/130mm front 29er trail bike that will be perfect for Park City trail ripping. We already have some on order and we’re looking forward to offering them in our 2017 rental fleet. Watch for a more in-depth report on the Devinci Django in our upcoming Outerbike report.

Devinci Django Carbon 29er at Interbike Outdoor Demo
The new Devinci Django Carbon 29er trail bike at Bootleg Canyon bike park during the 2016 Interbike Outdoor Demo.

Ellsworth Rogue 40 at Interbike Outdoor Demo
The new 140mm 27.5 Ellsworth Rogue 40 carbon trail bike at Bootleg Canyon bike park in Boulder City, NV, during the 2016 Interbike Outdoor Demo.

2016 Interbike Product Highlights

One of the main purposes of Interbike is for companies to show off their best tech and introduce new bikes and cycling accessories. Besides the bikes we demo’d at Bootleg Canyon, we checked out a lot of new, drool-worthy bike gear at the Outdoor Demo and the convention center. Some of the most popular and exciting products are listed, below.

MRP Ramp Control Fork Cartridge

MRP’s new Ramp Control cartridge is an aftermarket upgrade for RockShox Pike, Lyrik and Yari suspension forks. It adds an external, on-the-fly, adjustable “Token” bottom-out control as well as more subtle top-end performance for improved traction. It’s a super smart way for MRP to introduce their suspension technology to the masses and at just $150 it’s a hell of a way to improve your bike’s performance.

MRP Ramp Cartridge
The new MRP Ramp Cartridge – available for RockShox Pike, Lyrik and Yari forks.

GoPro Karma Drone

One of the hottest spots at this year’s show was the GoPro booth, where there was always a crowd of people checking out the new Karma drone and GoPro’s new line of Hero 5 POV cameras. GoPro has always been hot in action sports but for the past few years it seemed like they were just phoning it in. I appears they’ve seen the light, though. The Karma drone is a hell of a package with a built-in, removable gimbal that can be mounted on an included handgrip, a controller and a really nice-looking carrying case – all for just US $799.99. That’s a very competitive price for a very competitive product and it’s good to see GoPro being an innovator again.

GoPro Interbike Booth & Karma Drone
GoPro’s Interbike bike was one of the busiest due to their new $799 Karma Drone.

GoPro Karma Drone
GoPro’s new $799 Karma Drone at their 2016 Interbike tradeshow booth in Las Vegas.

Rotor Enduro Cranksets & Chainrings

Spanish elliptical chainring and power meter maker Rotor has been around for a long time and they’re quite popular with road racers. They haven’t made much of a dent in the mountain bike world, though – at least not until, now. It seems the super-competitive enduro racing scene has started to pay attention and Rotor was showing off a new series of Q-Ring 1x elliptical chainrings and cranksets designed for enduro bikes. In a racing discipline where a fraction of a second can be the difference between 1st and 2nd place, any way you can improve efficiency counts.

New Enduro Cranksets & Chainrings From Rotor
Designed for enduro bikes , Rotor’s new Hawk & Raptor cranksets and rings allow enduro racers to take advantage of the benefits of elliptical chainrings.

Shimano XT Di2 Electronic Shifting For Mountain Bikes

We’ve had road bikes with Di2 electronic shifting since we opened our doors – or, to be more accurate, since we first loaded up our delivery trucks. Shimano introduced XTR Di2 for mountain bikes a couple of years ago and it got great reviews from the journalists who used it – except the pricing was out of range for the average mountain biker. But at US $1365, the new 1×11 XT Di2 drivetrain is priced pretty competitively. Do we really need electronic shifting for mountain bikes? Most people would probably say no. But if it only costs a bit more and delivers a more intuitive, reliable experience, maybe it’s worth having. We’d love to know what you think. Please tell us what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Shimano XT Di2 for Mountain Bikes
Shimano was showing off their new, more reasonably-priced XT Di2 electronic mountain bike drivetrain at Interbike.

Is Interbike Dead?

The Interbike Outdoor Demo was noticeably smaller with less attendees, this year. Many of the major bike manufacturers did not have booths and there was a lot of talk among attendees and the press about the shrinking show. Some people are even saying Interbike is dead. This is an interesting subject and there’s no doubt the place of the tradeshow is changing. Many of the big bike companies forgo Interbike and hold private, invite-only events for their dealers and the press, instead. On the other hand, Interbike is a great place for buyers and the media to see a whole lot of people, companies and products in one place. We certainly saw a bunch of our friends and manufacturers at the Outdoor Demo as well as on the tradeshow floor. Not everyone was there, of course. But we visited booths for our partners, BMC, Lizard Skins, Devinci, Reynolds, CamelBak and Argon 18, as well as a few companies we’re thinking of picking up for next season. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens next year. Will shrinking attendance will have a snowball effect on the 2017 show or is this just a little dip in attendance? If Interbike is dying, the next question is – what will replace it?

Argon 18 Booth - 2016 Interbike Tradeshow
Argon 18 has been one of our best selling road bike brands this year. This is their booth at the 2016 Interbike tradeshow.

Devinci Cycles' 2016 Interbike Outdoor Demo Tent
Devinci’s tent with their demo bike fleet at the 2016 Interbike Outdoor Demo event.

Reynolds 2016 Interbike Tradeshow Booth
Our friends at Reynolds Cycling were at Interbike showing off their latest carbon wheels for road and mountain bikes.

CamelBak at the Interbike Outdoor Demo
The CamelBak boys know how to party. The CamelBak kiddie pool was the place to be in the 100-degree heat on the first day of the Interbike Outdoor Demo.

In spite of fewer exhibitors and negative speculation among the press about the future of Interbike, we had a great show. We visited with our manufacturer partners, who are all very excited about Park City Bike Demos. We checked out new bikes and other cycling products we’re excited to share with you in 2017 and we introduced Park City Bike Demos to people and businesses who hadn’t heard our story, yet. For us, it was a very successful event. It was also a great way to measure how far we’ve come since last Interbike, when we hadn’t even considered opening a brick and mortar location. Now we have a state-of-the-art demo center right in Park City and we’re building what we believe is a better way for cyclist to try and buy bikes. We’re already looking forward to Interbike 2017 so we can measure and share the growth and success we expect for next year.

Behind the Scenes At Interbike with Andre
Sure, Interbike is fun. But for a lot of people, there’s also a whole lot of work to be done. This is Andre, in his underwear, with a broken collarbone, slaving away into the night to polish up a presentation.


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